I ran 6.35 miles today!!! I was a tad bit nervous about this run because I have not run anything longer than 5 consecutive miles in a while…and those 5 miles were about a month ago…..and before that…..I don’t even remember.  I was determined to get out there today because I’m doing a very hilly/sandy/muddy/miserable trail run 10k the beginning of November. I ran the 6.35 miles in 56:12 which averages out to 8:54 miles.  I was pretty proud of myself!  Before I started I ate an Advocare V02 bar, I wish I had previously run that mileage without it, then tried it again after eating the bar to see the difference.  It must work though because I know a few Marathon and Ultra Marathon runners that swear by it.  It held off my hunger that’s for sure, and the berry flavor was quite tasty!  Below is more information and link to my Advocare site if you are interested! Hopefully next week I can run further and keep adding miles so I will be able to run my 10k in a good time!