I got 2.5 hrs of sleep last night…. I’m not usually one for insomnia but I could not fall back asleep last night.  I was miserable, stuffed up, and frustrated.  I FINALLY was going back to sleep, then my husband texted me at 4:30 telling me he was on his way home to sleep till he had to go back in to work at noon.  God bless Advocare’s Spark because I only slept 2.5 hrs last night and was still fully functional all day at work!!  I can honestly say there is no way I could have felt that good on coffee.  Spark is AMAZING! I didn’t feel sluggish or have that crash that you get when the coffee wears off. Here is my Advocare site in case you are interested in ordering.  http://www.advocare.com/140847484  If anyone has any questions about it, feel free to ask!

Lunch workout: There was only two of us working in the office this morning.  We were both unmotivated and tired of running.  We went back and forth debating what we should do, and decided to search for a spin class.  I used to spin twice a week during my lunch but they ended up canceling the class I was taking.  Lucky for us today we found a new one! So, we went….we were the only two in class. Apparently it was a brand new class and word hadn’t really gotten out yet. She was a great instructor, but we were dying 10 minutes in! With just two of us in class, there was no way we could slack off!!  It was painful, but we loved it.  We decided to make it our regular Wednesday lunch routine so we could break up the monotony of running. 

Afternoon Workout: I was fully prepared for my legs to give out from all the sprinting yesterday and spin class today.  They are a bit sore, but not as bad as I thought they would be. I guess I have to thank Advocare’s post recovery drink for that! I feel like it has made a difference especially with how hard I’ve been hitting it this week.  I worked out at the gym at work today because I really wanted to do the HSPUs(Hand Stand Push Up)and I don’t have a wall-ball at home.  Here’s my afternoon workout for today.

4X5 Back Squats – work to a heavy, but not maximal set of 5 – rest 2:00 between (I did #175)

50 Double-Unders
50 Wall Balls 20/14#
400m Run

My time: 10:42.  

I really liked this workout. Double-unders, HSPUs and back squats are some of my favorite things!!!