I’m sorry it’s been awhile since my last post.  I’ve been busy busy busy!  I don’t know if you read some of my previous posts, but I had started to rearrange my family room furniture then realizing about halfway through that my cabinet/desk was way to heavy for me to move by myself.  This cabinet was the center of my move so all my couches were all just congregated in the middle of my family room till my husband came back. Well we moved the cabinet and rearranged the couches, now there is so much more room! I’m so glad we did it, it looks way more open and cleaner!  I also have been making some fantastic healthy meals!!  Even my oldest son who is pretty picky asked for a second helping of the Paleo Cashew, see recipe below. I made this Saturday morning and it was ready in the Crock pot by lunch time.  We were going to a birthday party later that day and I made sure I was nice and full so I wasn’t tempted to eat pizza and cake!! It worked!


This evening I made fish taco bowls.  I’m not going to lie, I really really don’t like fish.  But I know that I need to eat more for my Omega Fatty Acids and fish is good for your overall blah blah blah. But I just can’t seem to enjoy fish, I only eat it because it’s good for me and my husband really likes it.  But luckily this recipe had so many other things going on I barely had to taste the fish 🙂  I also put some of the seasoning into the vegetables I sautéed.  My husband and i love spicy foods and lots of flavor.  Here is the fish taco recipe, I pinned it off of an Advocare 24 day challenge webpage!  There was a few others on there that I’m going to try later this week!


Saturday I did not workout, but I figured rearranging large pieces of furniture, vacuuming and moping the floors was workout enough.  I somehow managed to fit in a few workouts yesterday and today.  Well, my husband MADE me workout yesterday because I was a little upset over something and he knows that working out is my destressor.  Yesterday’s workout:


15 Minutes to Power Snatch. 4X5 – work to a 5RM, rest as needed between (#85)


3 Rounds of:

4:00 AMRAP
8 elevated push ups (my feet were on top of a 20″ box)
12 Jumping Squats 45/35#
16 Burpees
1:00 Rest

*score is total rounds*  I did 6 rounds, those jumping squats with the barbell on your back is no joke!

Today’s workout:

15 minutes to 5×1 Hang Snatch (just above knee) @ 80% of max(I did #100)

10 minute AMRAP of:

30 Double-Unders
15 Power Snatches 75/55#

I finished with 6 rounds and 18 double unders.  My strength is still not where I was a few months ago.  I’m working on getting it back though!