Since I do not belong to a Crossfit gym I rely on other gyms programming that post it on their blogs. I was following Outlaw Crossfit’s programming which was fantastic, but thought I needed a change. I didn’t feel as well rounded as I should. and I needed more variety. I switched to Crossfit Invictus’ programming about 2 months ago. I do their Performance programming, I would love to do their Competition programming but I don’t have enough time to accomplish everything they have programmed daily. Invictus seems to be better for my conditioning but I’m weaker than I was before. Soooo I may be switching back to Outlaw…. Both are great programs but I do like how simple and straightforward Outlaw’s strength structure is. But for today I did Invictus’ WOD:

Workout of the Day
Four sets of:
Clean x (My weight was #135)
(rest 10 seconds between each single)
Rest 2-3 minutes
Three sets for times of:
250 Meter Row (damper set on 9)
Wall Ball Shots x 20 reps
24 kg Kettlebell Swings x 20 reps
Rest 3 minutes

Set # 1-3:22
Set # 2-3:23
Set # 3- 4:06….little bit slower

It was a lung smoker. I thought it wasn’t going to be bad because of the rest periods, but I was wrong in that assumption!

Also side note, the links below are the recipes that I mentioned in yesterday’s blogs. They are delicious, I hope you make them and enjoy!