This weekend went by too fast! Back to work tomorrow 😭. Today I did my best to make up for yesterday’s cheat! It was a bit hard because one of my friends had a baby shower today and the cake looked soo yummy! They even had the punch with the sherbet in it…but I refrained. After the baby shower it was a busy day getting ready for the week. My husband is starting his Advocare 24 day challenge tomorrow so I had to make sure there was plenty of healthy food in the house! I made energy bites and 2 pans of breakfast cake. I made extra for one of the doctors that I work with that is breast feeding. She has had to cut out all dairy from her diet because her son is allergic to dairy. I used dairy free dark chocolate chips in the energy bites, and used coconut milk in the. breakfast cake. Bot h if these things satisfy the sweet tooth but are still decently healthy.

I try to make my weekday lunches as easy as possible. I buy a big thing of organic spring mix salad, grape tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, rotisserie chicken(I shred it up, no skin!), eggs,(I boil and slice them), then another veggie(usually whatever is on sale), and I make a big salad every day with that. Surprisingly I never get tired of it. It also saved me money because I’m not eating out every day like I was and not tempted to make bad choices!

I had originally planned to do a Crossfit workout today but my dog seemed to be itching for a run. We ran 4 miles, and boy was she happy! I ran it in 36:01. Below is a picture of us post run. I meant to take one while running but I forgot!