Today was my last cleanse day! 14 days left of the challenge! Yay! On to Advocare MNS 3 supplements tomorrow! Today I made a goal to be down to 135 lb by Feb 14th! I know that doesn’t seem to be very much to go from 143 to 135 lbs but it is! It’s not easy to keep muscle while trying to lose weight. I was 135 while training for my half marathon and I was running all the time, but it wasn’t a lot of muscle. I know #s on a scale shouldn’t matter! but I’m a girl…. They do! Plus I think that goal will help me get rid of that last little bit of lingering junk in the trunk. I just need to keep up the clean eating! Below is my Workouts for today!

During lunch break
2 miles of interval sprints.

After work WOD was:

For time:
Row 30 Calories
30 Burpees
30 Wall Ball Shots #14
30 Kettlebell Swings-#55
30 Dumbbell Push Press(# 75 lb barbell)
30 Pull-Ups
Choose loads for each movement that will make it extremely challenging to complete the reps unbroken. Completed it in 15:05

I think I went a bit to heavy because I did NOT do my reps unbroken

By the way I need to stop doing these blogs right before bed….sometimes I fall asleep midway through writing the blog……