Sorry I’m a few days late on my post. I had a busy but fun weekend with my boys! I’m on my last 3 days of my Advocare cleanse! Yay! It’s been a little bit easier this time around to eat clean. Last time it was my birthday and then we took a beach trip….it was so hard to sit there and watch my kids and husband eat homemade ice cream. I love ice cream! When I need a little treat(not during my cleanse) I like to eat Coconut Bliss ice cream, you can usually find it at Whole foods and other natural food stores. It’s delicious! Side note….does anyone have any good resources or advice on how to eat organically as a family and not go broke! My husband says Whole foods got its name because it takes your whole paycheck! Why is it that Junk processed foods cost more than the healthy organic foods?! I started ordering NatureBox for snacks, hopefully that will work out! Anyways, below is the WOD I did today in my garage. It wasn’t too much of a smoker but still a good workout!!

Three rounds for time of:
Pull-Ups x 20 reps
24/16kg Kettlebell Swings x 15 reps
400 Meter Run

Double Unders
Ab mat sit ups