As I mentioned in my first blog, I’m married. Very newly married….we got married on Aug 14th. We had our wedding day in NorCal which is where I grew up, then we went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon, then came back to North Carolina and had a wedding reception for all our friends here this past Saturday. I can officially say I’m tired of celebrating my marriage! So much planning and money, it was exhausting! Also, with lots of celebrating came lots of food and drinks but not a lot of workout time! I’m done, I’m ready to be back to my normal healthy self! Today I started my first day of my Advocare 24 day Challenge. If you’re not familiar it’s a 10day cleanse, then 14 days of taking your supplements. I love this cleanse because I can still eat! I just have to make sure it’s clean eating! This is my second 24 day challenge. We will talk about my first one in another blog post. Today I’m tired. I weed whacked, raked all my millions of pine needles and decided to rearrange my family room. However, my family is now in complete disarray because my husband left for a work trip yesterday and I realized that there’s one piece of furniture that is the focal point of the move is unsafe for me to move by myself….sorry I digress. Anyways today was my first day to get rid of all the bad things I’ve been doing to my body. I wanted to do a Crossfit WOD so bad today! But the one I had planned involved running 400 meters outside and I did not have a chance to workout before it became dark. So I’m pushing it till tomorrow and instead decide to YouTube an awesome 60 min vinyasa flow put on by my favorite local yoga studio, Hot Asana. It was perfect, put my kids to bed and did my flow in the middle of my family room that was in complete shambles! It felt good, maybe nice flow is what I needed instead of an amped up workout to calm me down. It’s back to work tomorrow 😪. Tomorrow I will try to post my stats so we can see how I started off with this 24day challenge! Good night!