So here it goes….. I have decided to document my journey in striving to be a stronger faster me!!! I want to give inspiration to everyone out there that feels there’s just never enough time to work out. There’s always time if you make it…it’s just a little bit of rearranging your priorities.  Trust me I know all about having a hectic lifestyle.  I am newly married, mother of two little boys, I have a full time job, my husband travels (A LOT!) and I’m in the process of getting my college degree.  I have discovered gym time is crucial to my sanity! It’s my one time of the day that I can clear my mind and just go. I’m only responsible for what is happening to ME in that moment.  I Crossfit, practice yoga, and run.  Some areas I’m stronger than others. Yoga is definetely not my strong suit, but I believe it’s great for mobility for my lifts and is crucial to preventing injuries because it creates a really strong core.  Everyday I try to do something active.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve had the kind of day where I need to throw heavy stuff around, so I Crossfit, somedays I need to relax and have a little namaste, other days I just need to go out and let my dog have a little fun so i go for a run.  I don’t believe that one form of exercise whether it be crossfit, trx, zumba, or spinning is better than others.  As long as your moving and getting a workout, who cares!!!  I also have learned to not be intimidated!! When I started Crossfit and later yoga it was so intimidating to see people throwing around huge weights in crossfit, or yogis bent in impossible shapes.  You have to humble yourself and realize that you have to start somewhere, because everyone else in that room was a beginner at some point.  All I ever strive to do is to be better than I was the last time.